Adam and Eve, Titian (1488/90-1576) Source: Olga’s Gallery


In my opinion, a clear understanding of the existence of Adam and Eve is pivotal to Christianity.

Why is it so important? There are those who have an ulterior motive in the denigration of Adam. By eliminating Adam from the equation, it not only discredits the Scriptures, sin and the fallen nature of man become irrelevant issues.

I will attempt to explain the reasons why I believe in the existence of Adam and Eve. Although, I don’t expect to change the minds of all sceptics, I do hope to inform and encourage fellow believers confronted by intransigent critics.

Sadly, it is not only unbelievers who are dismissive of Adam, some Bible scholars also teach that he never existed, and the creation account in Genesis is simply an allegory.

So how should Bible believing Christians respond? Our ensample is the Lord Jesus Christ, who constantly responded to His critics with the Word of God. Read more>>