Jesus used the phrase ‘is at hand’ to emphasise the imminent fulfilment of His prophecies.
‘The Master saith, My time is at hand’…Matthew 26:18.
‘behold, the hour is at hand’…Matthew 26:45.
‘behold, he is at hand’…Matthew 26:46.
I am sufficiently confident to say all scholars will agree the foregoing Scriptures came to pass exactly as Jesus said.
Jesus knew precisely what He meant when He used the same expression in the following:
‘the kingdom of heaven is at hand’…Matthew 4:17.
The misguided expectation of Old Covenant Israel was a physical Kingdom on earth, while blinded to the concept that Jesus taught the Kingdom of God is spiritual and ‘cometh not with observation’. In my opinion, many Futurist scholars today are like minded.
Hal Lindsey wrote ‘Had the people received Him, He would have fulfilled the kingly prophecies in their day in addition to the ones regarding the suffering Messiah. But when the Jewish nation as a whole rejected Christ, the fulfillment of His kingship was postponed until the final culmination of world history.’ – There’s a New World Coming.
Jesus also used the term when He sent the angel to reveal the fulfilment timeline of the Revelation. Perhaps inadvertently, most scholars don’t believe the simple phrase Jesus chose to accentuate the imminence factor of His prophecies.
‘for the time is at hand’…Revelation 1:3.
‘for the time is at hand’…Revelation 22:10.
Alexander Gibb