Satan’s Death Throes

St Michael and his Angels Fight the Dragon Fight, Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) Source: Albrecht Durer the Complete Works Introduction It is an undeniable fact that throughout the New Testament there is a consistent sense of anticipation concerning Christ's impending return. There are scholars today who claim Jesus and the Apostles got it wrong. Those who do... Continue Reading →


The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

The Story of Lazarus and Dives, Meister des Codex Aureus Epternacensis, (c1035-1040), National Museum, Nuremburg Source: Wikimedia Commons Introduction In my opinion, many scholars misconstrue the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus in an attempt to validate their doctrine of Eternal Torment in Hell. Thereby, ambiguity has eclipsed the simplicity of the narrative. Most Christians... Continue Reading →

Jesus Never Mentioned Eternal Torment in Hell

The Valley of Hinnom, Public Domain Source: Wikipedia Introduction In my opinion, Jesus did not teach the doctrine of eternal torment in Hell. With roots in post Babylonian Jewish thought and Greek mythology, these influences resulted in the development of a doctrine without scriptural support. Astonishingly, woven into the tapestry of Christianity over the centuries,... Continue Reading →

Who is the Bright and Morning Star? Jesus or Lucifer

The Light of the World, James Holman Hunt (1827-1910) Source: Artists for Christ Introduction The titles 'Bright and Morning Star’, 'Day Star’, and 'Light Bearer', belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. I fail to grasp why many believers attribute this title to Satan. Most likely, the basis of their assumption is the tenuous interpretation of... Continue Reading →

The Denigration of Adam: Does it Really Matter?

  Adam and Eve in Paradise, Francesco Bartolozzi (1727-1815) Source: Wikimedia Introduction A clear perspective on the life and 'deaths' of Adam is pivotal to Christianity. In my opinion, there are those with a hidden agenda behind the denigration of Adam. By diminishing the creation and fall of Adam, not only does it impugn the... Continue Reading →

There Never was a Pre-Adamic Race

St. Michael and Satan, Raphael (1483-1520) Source: Olga's Gallery Introduction There are numerous conflicting views on Creation within Christianity today. Personally, I was influenced by the 'Gap Theory', which is another dubious teaching popularised within Dispensationalism. During the 19th century in particular, some scholars attempted to harmonise the Scriptures with science. This was a vain, yet... Continue Reading →

Dispensationalism’s ‘Battle’ of Armageddon is not Mentioned in the Bible

Catapulta, Edward Poynter (1868) This is similar to the catapults used by the Romans. Source: Art Renewal Centre Introduction A great deal of speculation has been written about major events predicted in the Book of Revelation. Inevitably, the result is a misconstrued scenario of the 'end times'. It may surprise readers to learn that some of... Continue Reading →

Dispensationalism’s ‘The Antichrist’ is not Mentioned in the Bible!

  Nero's Torches, Henryk Siemiradzki (1843-1902) National Museum, Warsaw Source: Olga's Gallery Introduction 'The Antichrist' has a prominent role in Dispensationalism's 'end times' theory. Endless speculation as to his identity, character, and power, has not only given credence to this doctrine, it has been a huge money-spinner for TV preachers, writers, and film producers. The... Continue Reading →

Ezekiel’s Temple will not be Built in a Future Millennium

The Prophet Ezekiel, Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475–1564) Source: Art and the Bible Introduction Many years ago, I enthusiastically embraced and taught the theory of Dispensationalism, adamant that it was the correct interpretation of the 'end times’. However, in my naiveté I did not make time to study all its implications. I re-examined this teaching in recent years... Continue Reading →

Jesus Never Mentioned a Millennium Temple

The Revelation of St John, 13. The Adoration of the Lamb and the Hymn of the Chosen, Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) Source: Albrecht Durer the Complete Works Introduction I believe many have departed from their New Covenant vocation in Christ, having been vigorously beset and influenced by proponents of dubious ‘end times’ fiction. Today, our understanding... Continue Reading →

Jesus Never Mentioned Double Fulfilment of Prophecy

The Pilgrims of Emmaus on the Road, James Tissot (1836-1902) Source: Brooklyn Museum Introduction After considerable research and deliberation, my conclusion is there is no scriptural support for the 'Law of Double Fulfilment of Prophecy', as promulgated by Dispensationalism. This misconception demands a second (or more) fulfilment of certain prophecy concerning the 'end times' and Christ’s... Continue Reading →

Daniel’s ’70 Weeks’ Prophecy was Fulfilled by AD 70

The Prophet Daniel, Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) Source: Art and the Bible Introduction A series on eschatology would be incomplete without Daniel’s '70 Weeks' Prophecy. I will endeavour to explain why Daniel's prophecy is the most fascinating and controversial in the Old Testament, and why I believe its fulfilment was AD 70. Psalm 137:1-4 Psa 137:1-4... Continue Reading →

The Elect, the Remnant, and the Israel of God

The Elect, Luca Signorelli (1445-1523) Source: Wikimedia Commons Introduction There is a predominant teaching in Christendom today proclaiming two 'peoples of God', national Israel and the Church. The popular ‘end times’ theory Dispensationalism is the major force behind this view, insisting God still has a plan for national Israel, which must not be confused with... Continue Reading →

Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath

  The Disciples Plucking Corn on the Sabbath, Gustave Dore (1832-1883) Source: Dore Bible Gallery Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D Introduction There are those who teach that Christians should keep the Sabbath. Some go as far as to insist that Christians should observe the Sabbath on a Saturday, thereby condemning Sunday worship in the process. This... Continue Reading →

The Resurrection and the Heresy of Hymenaeus and Philetus

The Resurrection of Christ, Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640) Source: Introduction 2Ti 2:17-18 KJV And their word will eat as doth a canker: of whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus; 18 Who concerning the truth have erred, saying that the resurrection is past already; and overthrow the faith of some. Paul condemned Hymenaeus and Philetus for... Continue Reading →

The Ascension of Christ and the ‘In Like Manner’ Question

The Ascension of Christ, Rembrandt Van Rijn (1606-1669) | Source: Source: Rembrandt the Complete Works Introduction The 'In Like Manner' Question Most scholars today, especially the proponents of Dispensationalism, insist Christ will return in the future 'in like manner' to His ascension, with emphasis on Him returning with the same body in which He ascended. By... Continue Reading →

The Atonement: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

Paradise and the Fall, Jan Brueghel the Elder (1568-1625) / Source: Art and the Bible Introduction There are many Atonement theories in Christendom today, some emphasise a particular aspect of the Atonement while others do a great disservice to the Lord. I may be accused of over simplifying the matter, but my intention is to... Continue Reading →

Jesus is King of Kings

Source: gospeldrivendisciples.blogspot Introduction This may seem like a stupid question: Is Jesus reigning now? Of course He is. Nevertheless, there is a lack of understanding among many believers regarding the kingship of Jesus. For example, although Dispensationalism is probably the most popular 'end times' theory and widely accepted by Christendom, there are mixed messages from... Continue Reading →

There is no Difference Between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven

Christ Enthroned, Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898) | Source: Pre Raphaelite Art Introduction There are scholars today who teach there is a difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven. Proponents of Dispensationalism are the main disseminators of this teaching, since it requires two kingdoms to make its 'end times' theory plausible. Personally, I... Continue Reading →

Jerusalem was Babylon the Great, the Mystery is History

The Destruction of Jerusalem, Titus Wilhelm von Kaulbach (1805-1874) | Source: Preterist Archive Introduction Babylon the Great is not the rebuilt city of Babylon, pagan or Papal Rome, nor the apostate Church; the list of theories seems endless. New Yorkers can rest assured it is not their city either! When attempting to understand the ‘end... Continue Reading →

New Jerusalem will not Physically Descend from Heaven

The New Jerusalem, Paul Gustave Dore (1832-1883) | Source: Dore Bible Gallery Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D. Introduction A Quote from Dr David L Cooper, Biblical Research Society 'Since God has the proper sense of proportion and since this New Jerusalem will be fifteen hundred miles in each direction, I conclude that the new earth to which... Continue Reading →

Jesus was not Smitten of God

The Flagellation, Caravaggio (1573-1610) Source: Art and the Bible Introduction Son 2:15  KJV Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes. Subtle misconceptions are the little foxes that spoil our understanding of the Scriptures. An unbalanced view of the relationship between God the Father and God the... Continue Reading →

The Deity of Christ: Jesus did Claim to be God

Doubting Thomas, Caravaggio (1573-1610) Source: Art and the Bible Introduction Did Jesus ever claim deity? Yes, He did. The deity of Christ is a fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith. There are those today who deny the deity of Christ by suggesting He never claimed to be God, but that is a straw man argument. The... Continue Reading →

Jesus Never Mentioned a Physical Rapture of the Church

St Paul Preaching to the Thessalonians, Gustave Dore (1832-1883) Source: The Doré Bible Gallery Felix Just, S.J., Ph.D. Introduction In 1830, Margaret MacDonald from Port Glasgow, Scotland, prophesied the Church should not fear the great tribulation because the 'rapture' would take place prior to it. This prophecy became world-renowned, taken up (pardon the pun) by... Continue Reading →

The Great and the Terrible Day of the Lord

The Prophet Isaiah, Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) | Source: Art and the Bible Introduction The Old Testament Prophets used metaphorical language on numerous occasions to describe divine judgement, also known as ‘The Day of the Lord’. Jesus spoke with similar metaphorical language when He described His second coming in judgement, which was a spiritual not physical... Continue Reading →

Elijah the Prophet was not Taken up to Heaven

Elijah Taken Up in a Chariot of Fire, Giuseppe Angeli (1712-1798) | Source: Biblical Art on the WWW Introduction Dispensationalism appropriates the catching away of Elijah in support of the 'rapture of the Church' theory. This teaching assumes Elijah did not physically die, having been taken directly into God's presence in Heaven. There he waits... Continue Reading →

Elijah the Prophet will not Return

Elijah Fed by the Ravens, Il Guercino, Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, (1591-1666) | Source: Art and the Bible Introduction Due to the influence of Dispensationalism, with its strictly literal interpretation of the Scriptures, many Christians may feel it compromises their beliefs to consider a spiritual interpretation, even when appropriate. For instance, Jesus' discourse with His disciples... Continue Reading →

What Does the Bible Say About the End of the World?

The Universe, Source: Softpedia Introduction Got Questions Website I visited recently and was reminded of a time when convinced by Dispensationalism's view of the 'end times'. Got Questions promulgate Dispensationalism's teaching that the millennium reign will begin at the Second Coming of Christ with Heaven and Earth being destroyed by fire or nuclear explosion... Continue Reading →

The Last Days According to the Epistles

Still Life with Bible, Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890) / Source: VG Gallery Introduction Recently, I received challenging comments from a visitor to my article 'Jesus Fulfilled the Promise of His Second Coming'. The posts contained 41 verses of Scripture in opposition to my 'end times' view, with a significant number from the Epistles. Hence, I will... Continue Reading →

Jesus Fulfilled the Promise of His Second Coming

Rider on the White Horse, Gerard Jullain (1670) Introduction Critics of Christianity try to undermine the integrety of the Lord Jesus Christ, declaring Him a false prophet because they cannot reconcile the 'imminent' factor of His 'end times' predictions. Most Christians are also unable to account for the simple statements Jesus made concerning His impending return.... Continue Reading →

What Jesus Meant by ‘This Generation shall not Pass’

Christ Among the Doctors, Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) Source: Olga's Gallery Introduction Why is Matthew 24:34 difficult to understand? Mat 24:34 KJV Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. Mat 24:34 NET I tell you the truth, this generation will not pass away until all these things... Continue Reading →

The Book of Revelation was Written Before AD 70

St John the Evangelist on Patmos, Titian (1544) Source: Olga's Gallery Introduction In my opinion, John received the Revelation prior to AD 70, to encourage and prepare the Church for the events leading to the vision's imminent fulfilment. I believe therefore, Christ's second coming described in the Revelation took place during the ‘great and the... Continue Reading →

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